In 1997, a malaria epidemic in the Amazonas region of Venezuela
claimed the lives of hundreds of people among the Yanomami tribe.
Our medical team witnessed the suffering, the dead and dying. As we
left the jungle where so many died, we vowed to dedicate ourselves to
fight disease among the tribal people of the Amazonas.

The Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance (TOMA) Foundation was
founded in response to that overwhelming experience in 1997. It was
the motivating event in our lives that moved us to help a tribe that the
world seemed to have left behind.

We saw one of the most remote and precarious jungles in South
America where its people are preyed upon by disease, parasites,
infection and predatory animals. We knew the closest hospital to be a
three hour flight by bush plane from short grass airstrips carved into
the jungle. Even if funds were sufficient to transport the critically ill, we
understood that there were no guarantees of survival. The most
devastating of all the threats to the health of the Yanomami is malaria.
For this reason, TOMA has focused its primary strategies on malaria
prevention, screening, treatment and education in the Yanomami villages.

Proceeds from the sale of SunMed Healthcare products will contribute to
improving tribal health care in the Amazon basin through the TOMA Foundation.
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